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Malteser Rüde Lino WelpeThis is Bellino of Adorable Paws, aka Lino, a handsome Maltese stud! Lino was born 19.11.2014 in our kennel and moved to his new family in February 2015. So Lino is not in our possession. The family does not have a website, but is a member of the same breeding club we are with, the Toy Dog Club Ebern (CdK). Therefore we offered to support the family by presenting Lino on our website.
The parents of Lino are our lovely bitch Bernadette Lulu Panenka and our former stud Sky-High Flower of Andorra.
Lino’s data: weight 3.2 kg (7.05 lbs), height at withers is 23.0 cm (9.05 in), coat straight and silky, deep black pigment, full dentition, scissor bite, patella 0/0, breeding permission exam successfully passed in November 2016, DNA profile stored at Laboklin.
Malteserrüde LinoIf you are interested in mating your Maltese with Lino, please send us an email to We will pass it on to his family.
If possible, please include some information, e.g. your phone number, your kennel name, name of your breedeing club, address of your website, perhaps a photo of your Maltese, size and weight, copy of breeding approval and pedigree and the expected date of the next heat.
Lino’s pedigree:
Pedigree Lino

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