Return of Puppies

Havanese Kennel

Return of puppies from our breeding

A puppy is not a returnable good, you simply exchange if not satisfied. However it can happen that a family must return a dog. The reasons vary – allergies, overtaxing, divorce, change in life circumstances, etc.
By now there are ever-fewer breeders who take dogs back because these dogs often have problems. Maybe they were badly or not trained at all, are aggressive or fearful, sick, not housetrained or even developed negative behaviours, such as constant barking, biting or aggression. This causes a lot of work for the breeder.
We hope you (and we) never get in such position that you have to make use of it, but we do offer a return policy for all puppies from our kennel, because we are interested in what the life of our pups will come to even years later. Yet, we would like to explain a few things, in particular, why the redemption price will unfortunately not equal the purchase price.
We live in a well-functioning dog pack. The dogs together established a certain hierarchy, led by the lead bitch with certain privileges and responsibilities. To be able to live balanced with each other dogs need their certain place in the pack. Our dogs are by no means perfect, but they know and understand each other, sometimes there is grouching or smaller fighting, but all in all we live together in harmony.
As breeders we are not there to pay for the mistakes of other dog owners. Nevertheless, we want the dogs that were born at our house, to have a fulfilled life and not be passed on from one to the other, possibly ending at the shelter, so we do offer the redemption of puppies from our kennel.
If, however, a dog comes back, it does not mean that the dog is immediately accepted by the whole pack again, just because it was born here. We would not endanger our own dogs nor the returned dog. So we must ensure that the dog is somewhat integrated, without causing disturbance to our existing pack. Furthermore, we need to get the dog checked by our veterinarian and get treatment for existing diseases, and we must strive to find a new home for the dog. All this is not only time-consuming but also very cost-intensive.
One must not forget that the placing of older dogs is not that simple. While there are people who are interested in older dogs, it is more difficult to sell a dog with a past. This is reflected foremost in the price. For “used” dogs one does not speak about a dog for sale, but a dog for adoption instead and only a small nominal fee is charged.
If you have to part with your dog, we offer two ways of support:
We take the dog back and find a new home on your behalf. The refundable sum is based on the amount achieved less a low cost compensation for expenses such as food, accommodation and ads and less any veterinary bills incurred during this time.
As a second option we offer to repurchase your dog. Relevant for the repurchase price are the physical and mental condition of the animal, confirmed by our veterinarian, and the age of your dog. If the dog is well the price is based on the dog’s age and the original purchase price, the detailed information can be found in your contract.
We think this is a fair offer for both parties and especially for the welfare of the dog, because that should always be besides all morals the first priority!

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. Henry Wheeler Shaw