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Prices of Havanese purebred pups

Ivy with MalteseWhat’s the price for the pup? This sentence is the typical question that we hear when someone calls us. Most of the time the call starts directly with this question, without a greeting, without mentioning a name, so that at least we know who we are talking to, without telling us for which puppy they inquire and without actually asking about our pups let alone our breeding.
Be very careful if you think you may get a bargain. After all it is about a family member, whom you will share your life with the next 10-15 years.
Why is a purebred with pedigree from a breeder so expensive? It is often presumed, that breeders make a living with their dogs. Absolutely wrong! You cannot become rich through dog breeding. Our breeding does not even cover the every day costs for our dogs.
Every prospective breeder must become a member in a breeding club, apply for a kennel name registration and the breeding warden must examine the planned breeding home/kennel. Before we started breeding, we of course informed ourselves about breeding, attended courses about breeding and genetics, read books and called experienced breeders for support. The costs all add up. This is before even finding a dog.
The breeding dog-to-be must then attend shows and pass numerous medical examinations (checking for example the joints). Long journeys to shows, registration fees, hotel stays also gobbles up a lot of money. Not until everything is successfully completed, the dog will be found fit for breeding.
Havi Puppies yellow blanketFollowing selection of the stud dog, the owner of the bitch may travel far and wide and of course pay a usually not low fee to the stud dog owner. The equipment needed for birth and puppies (whelping box, scale, weaning pen, toys, special nutrition, a lot of fabrics and blankets, chip reader, disinfectants, heat pillow, etc.), veterinarian visits, advertisements for the litter, vaccinations, de-worming, chipping and not to forget the additional club costs (pedigree documents, registrations, breeding warden) also all add up.
From the day of the litter, the washing machine is running on full capacity. Puppies simply make a lot of mess. The usage of water, special cleaning agents and kitchen towels is enormous. Pups also need a warm environment; therefore, the heating system is running day and night too.
We also take leave to be there for our dog and the puppies during birth and for the time after, because we want to ensure optimal upbringing and conditions for the pups. The selection of the prospective puppy owners takes a lot of time too; long conversations and visits, before and after the pups are born.
If you add all these things up, you will see that a breeder invests several thousand Euros before and in the first 10 weeks, without earning one cent. Not added of course are the time and effort invested in rearing the pups. Particularly with the first litters it is unlikely that a responsible breeder actually makes a profit.
A purebred pup has its price: at the moment it ranges from 1,400,- to 1,800,- € for a Havanese family pet in Germany. For pups with a minor fault or flaw (jaw, testicles, navel) the price is usually reduced by 150,- €. If you are looking for a puppy for show and breeding you can expect to pay about 2,500,- EUR, young dogs with teeth already changed cost at least 3,000,- Euro. The sky is the limit, especially if you are looking abroad or for a dog that already has its breeding permission.
Lulu with Maltese PuppiesThere is never a 100% security, you can only try to limit the probability of encountering genetic problems and do everything for the healthiness of the dogs. We cannot guarantee that every puppy from our kennel will always be healthy and never cause high vet bills. Nature unfortunately plays a big role too. However we do go out of our way to avoid genetic diseases and try to provide best conditions for a long healthy and happy life.
Our puppies are not cheap but you are guaranteed the best possible standards. The price is not negotiable! We do not sell goods at the bazaar… If you do not have the financial means for a Havanese we suggest an animal shelter as an alternative. There are lots of beautiful dogs waiting for new families. You want a puppy, but have no money? You just cannot fulfil your desire immediately, but must set aside a certain amount of money each month. We will not accept partial payments for any of our puppies. It is like in the old days, when you wanted something big, you had to save. A puppy, as small as it is, should become just that: something big, part of the family!
If you still prefer to pay less, a puppy for only 300,- Euro, just be careful that you do not end up spending the money you have saved at the vets less than a week later!

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. Kinky Friedman

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