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Havanese Jule puppyThis is Pillowtalk’s French Kiss, aka Jule, our beautiful Havanese girl! Jule was born 26.10.2015 in Marlow and moved to Paderborn end of March 2016.
Sincere thanks is given to the breeder Monika Moser from the kennel Pillowtalk‘s. The parents of our little Havanese girl are the lovely bitch Pillowtalk’s Bubblelicious and the attractive stud Pillowtalk’s A Your Adorable.
Havanesebitch JuleCarrying the ticking gene, makes Jule incredible adorable. Ticking means, she has flecks of red colour throughout the white areas of her coat similar to freckles.
Jule weighs 4.8 kg (10.58 lb), her height at withers is 23.0 cm (9.05 in), and she has a scissor bite 6/6.
She passed her breeding permission exam successfully in November 2016. Jule’s DNA profile is stored with Laboklin laboratory.
Jule’s pedigree:
Pedigree Jule

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