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Purebred puppies with papers

Online you will often find advertisements of sellers, who offer puppies with “papers“. What are papers? Does it refer to the pedigree of a purebred puppy? This ancestry certificate can only be issued by the stud book office of the breeding club.
CdK PedigreeThe pedigree documents the ancestors and health of the pup. Furthermore it embodies the name, breed, colour, gender, day of litter, chip number and stud book number of the dog. Hence it is far more than just a piece of paper.
A purebred dog is sold with the stud book not for prestige reasons. It is about genetics and health. The ancestors of the dog have all been found fit for breeding by skilled breeding judges and breeding wardens, as they meet the breed standards. Health risks are therefore reduced as much as possible. With this document the breeder can prove, that he/she is breeding with healthy parents.
A stud book also helps to keep the level of relations amongst the dogs under control. You can see precisely who is related to whom and therefore can control the grade of inbreed. Without the stud book you cannot guarantee that dogs do not have a family history of genetic problems, which they may have inherited.
Unfortunately, even in the most reputable organisation can occasionally be “sharks”. Some breeders may offer pups without papers at reduced prices. If that happened, the breeder more likely has further litters, which are not registered, to be able to have more litters per year. You better avoid those breeders!
To sum up, “papers” are more than just status symbols for you to say my dog is an “of and by”. And allegations that only FCI/VDH papers are valid are of course nonsense, because the papers of non-VDH clubs also provide the ancestors of a dog. And dog breeding finally depends exactly on this documentation anywhere and everywhere.

My dog as a dog is a disaster, but irreplaceable as a human being! Johannes Rau