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The proper nutrition for our dogs is as important as for us humans. It is the basis for health and a long life. Puppies and young dogs need a well-balanced diet for their development in particular. But adult dogs should be fed a sensible diet too.
The kind of nutrition for dogs splits humankind. Some feed dry food, others tinned food and others again swear by raw feeding. Of course your dog will survive with the cheapest dry food, but if you really love him, you need to consider the optimal diet, as this will influence the life expectancy and vitality.
We fed our dogs exclusively raw for a long time. Dogs by nature are carnivores, meat eaters. We personally saw the raw diet as the only species-appropriate nutrition. However, we were always in doubt whether we have actually met the nutritional requirements to 100%. Especially during pregnancy and upbringing of our puppies.
We still feed fresh tripe, but now in combination with high-quality dry and canned food. Because we are often asked, what sorts we feed, we will shortly introduce our dog’s favourite.
We recommend dog food of the brands Artel & Hens, GRAU, Magnusson, Vet-Concept and Terra Canis.
Currently our absolute favourite is the baked dry food from Magnusson in Sweden. Already more than 150 years ago, baked dog food was the first commercial animal food. Baking preserves much more minerals and vitamins because the food is processed at a lower temperature for longer. In addition, starch is better broken down and can be digested better. Crispy croquettes, which hardly swell and therefore prevent stomach bloat and torsion.
For the second meal we give wet food from Vet-Concept. The balanced recipe and the high-quality German processing ensure a healthy and tasty nutrition. The food smells pleasant and has a nice consistency. With a choice of more than 15 types of meat – from duck over reindeer to deer or kangaroo we surely offer enough variety in the bowl.
During the changing of coat times in spring and autumn we enhance the food with oils containing linseed oil with omega-3 fatty acids or borage oil with essential omega-6 fatty acids. The oils optimally support the skin, regenerate the cells and make the coat admirably shiny.
We believe it is important to get our Havanese puppies used to both wet and dry food. Our last litter we successfully fed with the junior line of Vet-Concept. We started with the dog menu chicken junior. It contains a lot of healthy protein, is particularly soft and easily digestible.
Vet-Concept Young PackAs soon as the teeth came in the Vet-Concept Young Pack was added. This is a special complete food for puppies with tasty poultry, easy to digest, for an optimal development. Specially made for growing dogs. Small in proportion to the jaw size made croquettes, well-tasty until the end of the growth phase.
For small treats or in between meals we recommend the high-quality snacks of company Vet-Concept.
We do not want to force anyone, but we would be very pleased if you continue this kind of diet accordingly. We will be happy to support you with the selection and combination. Especially during the growth, we strongly advise against constantly changing the food or switching to raw feeding. Mistakes in feeding can have fatal consequences e.g. on bones and joints.
Very important, check the weight of your dog regularly. Depending on the exercise a lot of dogs often need a lot less than what the dog food manufactures recommend. The amounts stated on the packages of wet and dry food are just a rough guideline. In our opinion most recommendation are on the upper level. Usually small dog food is much too rich in fat and protein. It is worth to compare the nutritional values of the different products.
Our puppies get a small brochure, where the families can then enter the weight.

Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault really. Carlotta O’Neill

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